Free Beer!

It was a Friday evening sometime in July and I was heading home from work after a long week. “Boy, a beer would sure be nice”, I thought to myself. I knew just the place, a little village general store that carried a nice selection of micro brews. As I pulled into the parking lot I stepped out of the air conditioned truck into the thick humid air. “Ugh, definitely a beer night.” The store was a bit cooler than outside and the coolers were humming and adding their own heat to the store. I selected a 6 pack of my favorite brew and got in line at the counter. When my turn came, the clerk rang me up. “Ten fifty please”. I handed her my debit card and she shook her head at me, “Sorry, cash only.” Well, that’s a fine turn of events, I guess no beer for me tonight. I explained my plight to the clerk and turned to put the beer back in to the cooler for the next thirsty person who actually came prepared. As I turned, the elderly gentleman behind me put his hand on my shoulder and said “Wait”. I looked at him quizzically, he then looked at the clerk and said, “Here, I’ll pay for that, sometimes you just need a beer after work”. I was shocked and attempted to decline his offer, but he insisted. I thanked him profusely as I headed to the truck. The beers tasted extra good that evening on my porch as I swatted the mosquitoes away. I look forward to the day when I can pay his gift forward.